Big bicycle roads network to be created in Baku -REPORTAGE

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In accordance with the order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, areas, where bicycle lanes and stops can be created on automobile roads, the street-road network, will be identified. In connection with this, relevant proposals will be prepared, and measures will be taken. Currently, such a road already operates in one of the central streets of the capital Baku.

Such bicycle roads have been paved in the capital streets to increase the significance of the growing interest in cycling, its importance in terms of people’s health and environmental protection. It is noteworthy that this road envisages approximately 200 meters. In general, it is initially planned to pave bicycle roads in the central streets and avenues of the capital.

The projection of bicycle lanes and roads is initially planned on the routes connecting the main points of the city’s central part. Afterwards, the organization of a bigger network of bicycle roads is planned. It should be noted that when the transport plan of Yasamal Residential Complex was prepared, the issue on bicycle roads and stops was mentioned, and it has already been solved. At the first stage, it is planned to pave bicycle roads on the roads in the direction of Boyukshor Park – Olympic Stadium, the Academy of Sciences, Boulevard territory, at the second stage – Icherisheher, Winter Park, Heydar Aliyev Sports Concert Complex, Dada Gorgud, Ataturk, Nariman Narimanov, Sahil Parks, White City, Flame Towers, Heydar Aliyev Center.

Press Secretary of Baku Transport Agency (BTA) Mais Aghayev said that in many countries of the world, a bicycle helps prevent traffic jams and improve the ecological state: “It is necessary to expand the usage of this vehicle in our country as well. Therefore, the 4-km bicycle road has been paved in the Seaside National Park, and a bicycle park has been created in the mountainous area in front of the Shikh beach. Currently, issues in connection with the construction of bicycle roads and lanes in other cities and regions are discussed.”

According to head of the State Expertise Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Mirsalam Gambarov, after bicycle roads are paved, stops will also be created. He said that it is planned to pave bicycle roads in all streets of Baku.”


Nuray Mustafa