64 years pass since creation of AzTV

64 years pass since creation of AzTV

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Today, 64 years pass since the creation of Azerbaijan Television – the first TV channel of Azerbaijan and the east, and 9 years pass since the creation of the "Madaniyyat" (Culture) TV channel.

The construction of the building for Baku Television Center was launched in 1954. One of the highest venues of Baku – Mehdi Huseyn 1 was chosen for the construction. The Telecenter building constructed by Azerbaijani builders and experts and their colleagues from Moscow and then Leningrad and provided with the relevant equipment was handed over in late 1955. Trial programs of Baku Studio were broadcast from time to time until February, 1956.

On the first program day, young actress Najiba Malikova appeared on screen. She started the broadcast with "Baku is showing!" and congratulated viewers on the launch of the Television's activity. Afterwards, "Bakhtiyar" film was screened.

Initially, Baku Studio went on air twice and then, 3 times a week with the 2-hour program.

First, due to the lack of experts in the field of television, radio, newspaper and theatre employees were invited to work here.

Since 1957, Azerbaijan Television began to go on air 5 times a week, and the volume of daily programs reached 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Since the 70s, the volume of Azerbaijan Television's daily programs reached 10 hours, in the 80s – 18 hours. In 2005, Azerbaijan Television transitioned to the 24-hour uninterrupted air.

In 1956, Baku Television Studio and Radio Information Department operated separately.

In October of 1957, the Television was taken from the Ministry of Culture and merged with the Radio Information Department and named the State Radio and Television Broadcasting Committee under the Council of Ministers of the Republic.

In 1970, this institution received the status of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee.

In 1991, the committee became a company.

In 2005, in accordance with the order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the company was transitioned into "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting" CJSC.

As a result of the serious reforms carried out on AzTV in recent years, new programs, spectacles have been prepared; young presenters and reporters have been attracted to the channel; the planned capital investment has been carried out in the infrastructure of the TV channel; a number of new studios have been created. Currently, talk-shows, musical entertainment programs, television spectacles, interesting documentaries and feature films are broadcast on Azerbaijan Television.