National teams of 3 countries to prepare for EURO-2020 in Baku

National teams of 3 countries to prepare for EURO-2020 in Baku

13 February, 12:05 Share on social media:

"The national teams of 3 countries have confirmed Baku as their training camp for EURO-2020," said executive vice-president and Secretary General of AFFA ElkhanMammadov on the air of the Azerbaijani Radio.

He noted that those countries are Switzerland, Turkey and Wales: "The teams of these countries will conduct their preparation process in Baku. They will not go anywhere between the matches."

E. Mammadov also talked about the preparation process for EURO-2020 in Azerbaijan: "Baku is fully ready for EURO-2020. In turn, it means that these events will bring direct revenues, as we will not invest in the infrastructure. By saying infrastructure, we mean not only the stadium. The airport should also be in a good condition, and we have 2 airports – old and new. We used both of them at the Europa League final. This time, we will do the same. If necessary, regional airports will also be utilized. Roads, public transport and hotels are also in good conditions. There is no serious problem. However, it does not mean that we should relax. All institutions will operate in the intensified regime."