Elkhan Mammadov: "The head coach of our national team will be a foreigner"

13 February, 11:15 Share on social media:

Today, executive vice-president and Secretary General of AFFA (The Association of Azerbaijani Football Federations) Elkhan Mammadov has become the guest of the morning telecast of the Azerbaijani Radio.

The organization official has clarified a number of issues along with EURO-2020.

Answering the questions of presenters Ilkin Baba and Gunay Tehrangizi, Elkhan Mammadov has talked about the appointment of the head coach to the main national team: "There were the names of nearly 30 experts at the last meeting of the Executive Committee. These are experts of different levels from various countries. Some of them signed contracts with other teams throughout the process and dropped out of our list. This week, members of the Executive Committee will express their opinions. Most likely, a new head coach will be a foreigner. We should take into consideration that the national team does not play at the national championship. Therefore, a new head coach should have international experience. Guban Gurbanov is an expert with the most international experience, and he has worked in our national team."

Elkhan Mammadov has also commented on the issue of the creation of the U-23 national football team and said that a concrete decision has been made in connection with this: "Such an opinion has been voiced at the meeting of the Executive Committee. However, this idea has not been confirmed. If you want to know my opinion, to me, there is no need to create U-23, because a 22 or 23-year-old football player should play in the main national team. Currently, we have at least two footballers at this age in every official match. This proposal is not relevant for our system. There is already limit at the Premier League. For this reason, this issue is not on our agenda."