“Agricultural volunteers” launches new project

“Agricultural volunteers” launches new project

29 January, 16:15 Share on social media:

The "Agricultural Development Volunteers" organization has launched a new project within the framework of the "Year of Volunteers". The presentation of the project entitled "Young farmers" has been held in Lankaran.

The main purpose of the project is to teach young people how to render proper service to plants, use fertilizers in accordance with the rules and teach the measures for the fight against diseases and pesticides.

According to representative of the "Agricultural Development Volunteers" Zhala Abiyeva, the organization operates across 50 regions: "We have 3, 000 volunteers and 3 objectives: to show support for agricultural volunteers, train specialists for the agricultural sector and apply innovative methods."

At the end of the 3-day project, participants were given certificates.


Parvana Nahmatgizi