Great Mardakan Fortress to be restored - REPORTAGE

Great Mardakan Fortress to be restored -REPORTAGE

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The restoration of one of the most ancient and highest towers of Absheron - the Great Mardakan Fortress and Tuba Shah Mosque will be launched soon. The project documents have already been prepared in connection with the renovation. The restoration works will be carried out by the Turkic Cooperation and Coordination Agency.

The Great Mardakan Fortress, which is a part of our history, is the symbol of the victory of Shirvanshah Akhsitan the First over the enemy in 1187-1188. This tower, which is known as the Great Mardakan Fortress, was erected in honor of the victory of that historical figure.  

The height of the tower is 22, and the height of the walls is 7 meters. The ancient stone inscriptions dating back to different periods and pottery attract attention while entering the tower's yard…

There is also another monument in the yard attracting attention. These are wells with the depth of 3-4 meters.  People used these wells as shelters from enemies and for keeping their products. 98 such wells have been discovered in the yard of the tower.

The tower, which was destroyed during Peter the Great’s attack in 1722-1723, was later reconstructed. Currently, there is a need for reconstruction inside the tower again. The renovation of the tower may lead to the tourist flow here.

It is noteworthy that it is planned to carry out the overhaul and restoration of Burj Gala located in the territory of the Nardaran Historical and Cultural Reserve, Ramana Tower and “Gelersen-gorersen” Tower in Shaki. These historical monuments will be restored in 2020-2023 at the cost of the state budget.