Area allocated in Kharkiv for erecting monument to Nizami Ganjavi

23 January, 14:25 Share on social media:

"An area in one of the central parks in Ukraine's second largest city Kharkiv has been allocated for erecting a monument to great Azerbaijani thinker-poet Nizami Ganjavi," mayor of Kharkiv city Gennady Kernes informed at the meeting with Azerbaijani Ambassador to Ukraine Azer Khudiyev. G. Kernes highlighted that the erecting of a monument to the great thinker would cause the interest of Kharkiv residents and foreign guests.

The mayor also emphasized that the relevant documents would be submitted to the embassy soon.

Azer Khudiyev said that the embassy was interested in erecting a monument to the great thinker.

"Azerbaijan and Ukraine implement successful joint projects in all fields, including culture. The cooperation between regions of the two countries further strengthens. There is already good experience in erecting monuments to great Azerbaijanis in Ukraine. Over the last 2 years, the monuments to Muslim Magomayev and Nasimi have been erected in Kyiv," said the Ambassador.  

The mayor also called on Azerbaijani companies to participate in the implementation of infrastructure projects in Kharkiv. "We know that successful infrastructure projects are implemented in Azerbaijan. We are interested in applying the Azerbaijani model in Kharkiv," he added.