Reportage from Zagatala Tower

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Zagatala Tower that has witnessed 2 centuries… This tower, where "The unshakeable battalion" and "Javadkhan" movies were filmed, is the remembrance of the complicated history of Zagatala for the Azerbaijani people. Currently, the tower built by Tsarist Russia serves as a reserve.

Based on the construction style, Zagatala Tower was built in one of the highest areas of the region and was of high strategic importance.

Despite bombarding the tower walls, it was impossible to surround it. Why did Tsarist Russia construct such a tower in this area?

Scientific employee of the "Tower" state historical-ethnographic reserve Sabuhi Bayramov provided detailed information about the tower: "Zagatala Tower was constructed in 1830-1838 on the order of commander of the Russian troops in the Caucasus, general Ivan Marshal. The area of the tower was chosen by Paskevich, and the people living here were settled in another place. The Tsarist government had 2 purposes for the construction of the tower. Firstly, the tower would play a fundamental role in subduing uprisings and rebellions made by local people; secondly, it would be important for invading Dagestan from the south."

River stones, raw bricks and lime were used in the construction of the tower walls. Their length is 3-5 and the width is 2 meters. 1, 800 loopholes were set up in the walls. Currently, there are 17 monuments in the territory of the tower which has 3 main entrances. As a result of the archaeological excavations, 2 desert cannons with the weight of one ton were discovered. The throwing distance of the cannons made of cast iron is 1, 000 meters. The house of the governor of Zagatala province, treasury building, apartment of the garrison head, military hospital, bathhouse, two-floor building for officers, barracks, water reservoirs were located in the 11.5 ha area.

A 5-meter water reservoir is located inside the tower walls built in the 19th century. This water reservoir provided the Russian army with water. It is said that the source of the water reservoir was coming from the mountains. However, the exact source of the water was kept hidden throughout centuries. The reason of that is the fear that the Russian army would be poisoned by adding some substance to the water.

Residential buildings have also been constructed in the Gala duzu area where the historical monument is located.

This tower, that was built by occupational Tsarist Russia to defend itself from the attacks of local people and that now serves as a reserve, is open to everybody who is interested in Zagatala's history.


Nigar Davudova