Azerbaijan in 61st place on economic indicators

16 January, 16:00 Share on social media:

Azerbaijan is in the 61st place on its economic indicators in the rating of the “US News and World Report”. Azerbaijan has improved its positions by 9 steps compared to the previous rating.

The rating makers have done research in the political, economic, cultural, tourism and other fields.

Azerbaijan is in the 57th place on how to start business and in the 64th on the level of entrepreneurship development.

The rating has been made by the “US News&World Report”, “BAV Consulting” Company and Pennsylvania University.

It is noteworthy that Azerbaijan was in the 53rd place among 60 countries in the rating in 2016, in the 69th place among 80 countries in 2017, in the 64th place in 2018 and in the 70th place in 2019.