Baku's historical tower in need of reconstruction -REPORTAGE

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Ramana, Nardaran, Bilgah, Mardakan quadrangular and circular towers… These constructions are among the significant monuments of Absheron. However, for an unknown reason, we are less informed about these towers in Baku and its suburbs.

The exact date and the reason of the construction of Ramana Tower are unknown. One thing is clear – Ramana Tower is among the significant monuments. The disappearance of the stone inscription of the tower makes it difficult to obtain accurate information about it.

These magnificent walls, that seem ordinary at first sight, protected many residents from enemies throughout centuries. The defense tower constructed from white stones operated as a castle during the Shirvanshahs. Currently, its protection depends on the families living nearby.

A camel’s wool and an egg’s albumen were also used in the construction of the tower that witnessed the shooting of "Koroghlu", "Nasimi" and "Babak" films. Although the tower was reconstructed in 1950, no works were carried out inside it.  

Circular stairs were used between the floors of the tower the total height of which is 15 meters. Despite being one of the most perfect fortresses of its time, now, it is partially forgotten. Currently, it is hard to climb up the peak of the tower. The demolition of the floor on the third floor makes it impossible to move to another stone staircase.

Researchers note that Ramana and other towers located nearby can be reconstructed and turned into touristic sights. Nevertheless, presently, the current state of Ramana Tower does not allow it.

Representative of one of the tourism companies operating in Azerbaijan Emil Mammadov says that tourists from European and CIS countries are very interested in the historical venues of Azerbaijan, especially the towers in the suburbs of Baku. The only issue is to make these venues ready for visitors. An official of the Ministry of Culture says that it is planned to renovate the towers in the suburbs of Baku in the near future.

It is also noteworthy that Ramana Tower was placed on the UNESCO's list of Tangible Cultural Heritage in need of urgent protection in 2001.


Sadagat Suleyman