More than 182, 000 applications registered at Gabala ASAN Service Center

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Efficiency, transparency, responsibility, comfort... ASAN Service centers simplify the usage of state services by citizens by working according to these principles. Currently, 16 ASAN Service centers operate in 11 regions of Azerbaijan.

Last year, more than 182, 000 applications were registered at Gabala Regional ASAN Service centers. In accordance with the applications, approximately 320 types of services were rendered. 

Here, representatives of Ministries of Justice, Internal Affairs, the State Committee for Property Issues, State Customs Committee, State Migration Service, State Social Protection Fund, National Archive Office, the State Service on Mobilization and Conscription render their services professionally.

Various projects on the work with volunteers are implemented at the Center. It gives them an opportunity to obtain work habits and communicate with citizens. In turn, it is very important for their career.

Banking, insurance, legal assistance, translation and other services are also rendered  at Gabala Regional ASAN Service centers.