Road being enlarged in Tanga gorge - Impact on tourism development

14 January, 11:20 Share on social media:

The iron-concrete dam with the length of 150 meters is being built for the enlargement of the part of Guba-Gonagkand automobile road passing through the steep rocks in the territory of Tangaalti village.

The height of the dam, that is being constructed near the Valvalachay river in the territory known as the Tanga gorge, will be 12 meters. The reconstruction of the road will ensure the comfortable movement of 68, 000 people and contribute to the development of tourism in Guba.

Currently, the works envisage the 29-30-km part of Guba-Gonagkand road. It is planned to enlarge the road from 4-5 meters to 7-12 meters by building a dam and destroying rocks.

Asphalt will be paved to the area after the road enlargement works are completed.

Furthermore, it is also planned to construct special sidewalks for people to be able to enjoy the nature over the Valvalachay river. The construction works are set to be completed in summer.