5 touristic sights of Shamkir - German traces, Altai wapiti...

5 touristic sights of Shamkir - German traces, Altai wapiti...

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The Germans called it Annenfeld or Annino. For us, it is just Shamkir. Our land that smells a bit like a pomegranate, a bit like grapes and wine, a bit like Germany, a bit like history. There are numerous places we can see here. Tourists are interested in the German legacy preserved in the region.

What connects the Lutheran church in Shamkir with the church in Baku?

Both churches remind of religious structures in provinces of Middle Ages Germany. Unlike pompous Catholic churches, the Protestant church, that has quite high walls, is without images and icons. It was constructed in 1909 for Lutherans to follow their religious rituals. It was used for this purpose until the Second World War. Now, the church is preserved as a German trace.

There are also parks reflecting the German traces in Shamkir. Currently, it is named after great poet Khagani Shirvani.

Once, this place was the most visited place by people who first came here: before World War 2, as during the war, at the initiative of Mikoyan and at the instruction of Stalin, the Germans were exiled to Kazakhstan steppes. Afterwards, the 122-year history of the German colonies ended in Azerbaijan. However, the cultural monuments left by them still remind of them.

Shamkir can be considered the crossroads of the past and the future. Along with preserving its old appearance, it also modernizes. New architecture samples also decorate it. One of them is the Heydar Aliyev Center. An interesting museum reflecting the life of the national leader operates here.  

In one of the sections of the museum, the rooms, where the national leader worked during different periods, are displayed. One of the venues frequently visited by tourists is the Park of Monuments. There is a feature distinguishing the park from others: here, it is possible to see the ancient monuments in the territory of Azerbaijan.

“The Deer Garden” is located at the 45-minute distance from Shamkir. Altai wapitis were brought here 4 years ago. 60 deer are preserved here, and during summer months, tourists come to Chanlibel to see these creatures.


Gunel Habilgizi