First in Azerbaijan: "Smart Garden" being created

7 January, 16:25 Share on social media:

The "Smart garden" system is created in Guba for the first time in Azerbaijan. Within the framework of the "Smart garden" project implemented by the Horticulture and Tea Growing Scientific-Research Institute of the Agriculture Ministry, the cultivation of fruit gardens has been completely automated.

To increase the productivity in the 15-ha area of the Institute, innovative methods will be applied. Various kinds of fruit trees, including apple, pear, quince, peach and cherry, will be cultivated in the garden. Automated under-soil watering and fertilizing systems have been set up here.

Employee of the Horticulture and Tea Growing Scientific-Research Institute Sevil Suleymanova said that this system would help save both water, and fertilizers: "The watering process will become more efficient, because it will have an impact on the roots of the plant". 

The agro-technical care will be carried out through phones or computers remotely.

One of the innovations is that the subartezian well will work with the help of the electricity obtained from the sun panels.

Regional farmers intend to test the "Smart garden" in their production fields to achieve more productivity.

It is planned to fully complete the formation of the "Smart garden" by the end of January.