Armenians attack AzTV reporter in Russia - VIDEO

Armenians attack AzTV reporter in Russia -VIDEO

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The dismantling of the memorial plaque to Armenian fascist Garegin Nzhde in Armavir city of Russia’s Krasnodar province has outraged the Armenians. A group of Armenians living in Armavir have attacked and wounded employees of Azerbaijan Television making a reportage on this issue and broken their camera.

Thus, the installation of the memorial plaque to the Armenian nationalist and the glorification of the fascist have caused dissatisfaction of the Azerbaijani and Russian public. Last month, we showed the dissatisfaction of Armavir residents in the reportage prepared by special correspondent of AzTV in Russia Zakir Musayev. After the memorial plaque was dismantled, our special correspondent went to Armavir again to fulfill his professional duty. He went live, and after he gave information about the dismantling of the memorial plaque, a group of Armenians living in Armavir attacked and wounded him and broke our camera. Approximately 50 Armenians surrounded our employees in the city centre and attempted to take the computer of our correspondent away from him. The police interfered with the incident. The group also tried to prevent the police from fulfilling their duty.   

Our special correspondent faced the interference by the Armenians in Armavir last month as well.

It is noteworthy that recently, deputy of Armavir City Duma Alexey Vinogradov has sprayed paint on the memorial plaque to Nazi collaborator Nzhde. Garegin Nzhde was the founder of the Armenian legion of the national socialists during the Great Patriotic War. He fought against the Soviet Army in the North Caucasus. In 1948, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for collaborating with Nazi Germany and died in Vladimir prison.