President Ilham Aliyev attends opening of II Summit of World Religious Leaders

14 November, 17:49 Share on social media:

The second Summit of the World Religious Leaders has kicked off in Baku today.

President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev has delivered a speech at the opening ceremony: "I consider that holding such a remarkable event in Baku is natural, as Azerbaijan has ancient interreligious customs. Regardless of its public-political order, Azerbaijan has always been an exemplary country in this field in all periods. Throughout centuries, representatives of all religions, ethnic groups have lived as a family in peace, friendship, mutual understanding. Azerbaijan is a multireligious and multinational country, and this is our big treasure. Religious and ethnic diversity is our strength. Religious and national tolerance, multicultural values are behind all the steps taken for ensuring Azerbaijan's successful development and stability. Our historical monuments also reflect our ancient history. Our historical monuments first of all show that Azerbaijan is an ancient land. On the other hand, it demonstrates that in different periods, representatives of various religions lived and created in Azerbaijan and left the historical heritage. I should mention we are proud that one of the oldest mosques of the Islamic world is located in Azerbaijan. Shamakhi Juma Mosque was built in 743. It was properly renovated several years ago. This mosque is the oldest mosque in the Caucasus after Derbent Mosque."