Work of press secretaries on agenda - Why do they run away from journalists?

Work of press secretaries on agenda - Why do they run away from journalists?

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The work of press secretaries of Azerbaijan's state institutions has been discussed on the “Main Topic” talk-show presented by Rufat Hamzayev.

AZTV.AZ reports that one of the guests, blogger, journalist Tural Ismayilov has criticized some press secretaries. He has said that every high-ranking official should follow the example of the head of state: "Mr. President is the main example of a conscientious official that should be followed. The fact that he is among the people during his visits to regions, his sincere attitude towards the youth, conversations at the tree-planting campaign held in recent days…

This must be a lesson for those, who do not allow people to approach them at a 50-m distance after being elected a chairman of a municipality, heads of departments who consider themselves little pharaohs. However, do they really learn a lesson from it?

Today, a number of innovations are implemented in the management in Azerbaijan. Institutions are joined; some of them are abolished; new ones are established. Do heads of press services of some institutions, people, who are supposed to cooperate with journalists, really do their job? Misinformation is disseminated against Azerbaijan uninterruptedly on social media. Are people, who are supposed to prevent it, really active? No, they are not. There are people who do not even pick up journalists' calls." 

Joining the discussions, human rights activist Sahib Mammadov drew attention to a very important issue: "If a head of any state institution is open to media, his press service is also open. For instance, Baku Transport Agency. Even if you write something at 2 am, they immediately respond." 

Tural Ismayilov has given another example: "We can also give ASAN Service as an example. However, there are institutions that are not able to confront false information against Azerbaijan by presenting true information. They present some events that took place in a foreign country like it happened in Azerbaijan. Where are the heads of press services of relevant institutions?"