5 most visited places in Gadabay – Must-see - REPORTAGE

5 most visited places in Gadabay – Must-see -REPORTAGE

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A record number of tourists have arrived in Gadabay, which has wide tourism potential, in the 10 months of this year. The organization of the First National Pasture Festival here has increased the attention to the region.

Reporters of Azerbaijan Television have been to Gadabay and filmed the 5 most popular places in this region frequently visited by tourists. We present the reportage from the region to you.

A breathtaking view appears in front of us after we overcome the complex roads of the 7-km Yasamal pass. It is impossible not to be amazed by this beautiful part of our Motherland. Endless nature, majestic mountains, mineral springs, delicious cuisine and most importantly, hospitable people. These factors are enough to bring you to Gadabay. Another reason attracting tourists to the region is that these places have ancient and rich history.

"Koroghlu" or "Javanshir Tower" is 15 km away from the region centre. The historical tower was constructed on a rock. It is possible to climb up the monument only on foot. From here, the adjacent villages are seen like in the palm of your hand. It is possible to see "The Siemens bridge" from afar. The first railway line in the Caucasus passed through this area. Currently, it is preserved by the state as a historical construction and considered the “namecard” of Gadabay. Historical temples, such as this bridge, increase the touristic importance of Gadabay.

Another place reflecting Gadabay's rich history is Boyuk Garamurad village. A temple of Caucasusian Albania period is also located here.

The temple is nearly 600 years ago, and this is one of almost 10 religious temples of the period of Caucasian Albania in Gadabay.

A waterfall called Shirshira is located close to downtown Gadabay. There is no highway to this waterfall. The waterfall is flowing from the 10-12-m height. Those, who visit Gadabay, definitely come to see this miracle of nature.

Duzyurd Miskinli pasture is one of the places interesting for tourists. The First National Pasture Festival was held here in July. Currently, preparatory works for winter are being carried out in this area. In summer months, this place will be full of people, as the National Pasture Festival is expected to be held on Duzyurd Miskinli pasture again.

Approximately 80, 000 guests visited Gadabay to attend the First National Pasture Festival.

By the way, the number of people choosing this place for holidays has reached over 100, 000 in the 10 months of this year. It once again shows that a record increase in the tourism statistics of the region is observed.


Gunel Feyzullayeva