"We have planted a tree with the President and his spouse... I am very happy" -REPORTAGE

12 November, 12:05 Share on social media:

A tree-planting campaign has been held by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the newly opened Ganjlik park in Baku’s Khatai district within the framework of “Unite for the sake of nature, Unite for the sake of life!” project.

In accordance with the project, tree-planting campaigns are set to be organized in Baku and various regions of Azerbaijan. Before the tree-planting campaign, some cleanup had been held here; waste had been cleaned up. The project calls for the importance of the protection of environment, especially brings it to the attention of the youth and calls them for the joint fight against ecological problems.

Famous artists also took part in the campaign.

Along with planting, watering trees, cleaning up waste, birdhouses and food feeders were also set up.

Within the campaign, various entertainment and musical programs, as well as competitions were organized in the area.


Vafa Aghabalayeva