Latest situation on documentation of apartments: 280 buildings receive permission -REPORTAGE

8 November, 17:30 Share on social media:

The process of giving permission to apartment buildings is underway. Within the framework of the process, inspection is carried out in residential buildings in accordance with the list; buildings, that meet the standards, are allowed for exploitation. Some 280 buildings, which flaws have been eradicated, have been allowed for exploitation.

Thus, it is necessary to follow some rules to receive permission for exploitation. The most important rule of them all is the full construction and commissioning of a building. Another rule is that the security, utilities and comfort of the population have to be ensured.

In accordance with the decree signed in January of this year, the majority of the works in the capital and regions has been completed. However, some complaints regarding the buildings, which have not received permission for exploitation, are being processed at the the State Agency for Control over Construction Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

So far, the Ministry has allowed the exploitation of over 280 buildings. Along with this, according to the results of the last monitoring, the buildings, which have gone through the inspection, will be documented.

As a result of the inspection, over 200 buildings across the country have not been allowed for exploitation. Therefore, relevant instructions have been given to relevant institutions to eliminate the existing flaws. 

The execution of the decree will be completed in January of 2020.


Sabir Bilalov