Latvian MP: “Cooperation between EU countries and Azerbaijan is developing actively”

8 November, 15:42 Share on social media:

"Azerbaijan is always a friendly country for Latvia, which stands out in its progressive way among the post-Soviet countries," Deputy of the Latvian Saeima Artuss Kaimiņš told European Bureau of Report.

According to him, today, among the post-Soviet countries, Azerbaijan is one of the countries showing the greatest attention to European values: "From this point of view, cooperation between the EU countries and Azerbaijan is developing actively."

Kaimiņš said that the relations between Latvia and Azerbaijan have historical roots: "We were in the bondage of the same regime, we are bound by historical sorrows, common destinies. Therefore, the roots of friendship between peoples are deep."

The Latvian MP stressed that although the current relations between the two countries are built on multi-line areas, they are unworthily strong and require development: "Both countries are interested in greater development of bilateral cooperation. This was emphasized at the highest level meetings. We would like mutual visits to be more usual. There are friendship groups in our parliaments. I think a lot of work falls to friendship groups on this issue. Moreover, promotion of Azerbaijan in Latvia and in general Baltic states should be sufficiently established. Our people need more information about Azerbaijan."