Azerbaijan to export saffron to İtaly -VIDEO

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Azerbaijan will export saffron to Italy. It is also called “red gold” in the world. This word has been known in Azerbaijan since long time ago.

Although the cultivation of saffron on the Absheron peninsula gradually reduced after the collapse of the Soviet Union, works at a state level have been launched to return the past glory of Azerbaijani saffron. Thus, the subsidy in the amount of 400 AZN per ha will be given to saffron producers since 2020. Facilities engaged in the processing of raw saffron and manufacturing of products made from saffron have been launched.

According to the forecast, 30-35 kg of saffron will be collected from 10-ha areas cultivated this year. Despite a small amount, it has many customers due to its quality. This year, Azerbaijani saffron will be exported to Italy.

By the way, Absheron’s mild winter, sunny summer and fertile land are favorable for the cultivation of saffron. It is planned to expand areas of the cultivation of this useful and beneficial plant. It also means the employment of the population. Saffron is not sold only as spices or in a raw form. In Azerbaijan, different kinds of it are produced.

These products are promoted under the brand of “Made in Azerbaijan” in the world. Unusual products draw attention and interest at exhibitions. Therefore, the kinds and production of saffron plant will be increased. We are talking about ice-cream, cold tea, energy drinks, lemonades and sherbet.


Aysham Rustamova