President Ilham Aliyev congratulates oilmen on 70th anniversary of Oil Rocks

7 November, 11:00 Share on social media:

President İlham Aliyev has congratulated Azerbaijani oilmen on the 70th anniversary of the Oil Rocks.

AZTV.AZ reports, it is noted in the letter of congratulations that the first oil in the Oil Rocks was discovered on November 7th, 1949, and that the launch of oil production offshore for the first time in history was a significant event in the development of oil industry. It is emphasized that as a result of oilmen’s labour, it was possible to extract oil from the sea, and the exploration of sea areas started. At the same time, it took Azerbaijani oil experts to leading positions: "The discovery of the unique Oil Rocks had a strong impact on exploratory works. Currently, the huge share of the carbohydrogen production in the world falls on sea areas, and the depths of seas are conquered. We are proud that the legendary Oil Rocks is the source of these processes".

The letter of congratulations cites that the experience obtained in the Oil Rocks, that is of great importance in the history of our country’s oil industry, created favorable conditions for exploratory works in even deeper areas of the Caspian Sea. The works on the modernization of the oil industry carried out in the 1970s under the guidance of Azerbaijani people’s national leader Heydar Aliyev led to the discovery and exploitation of new fields in a short period of time. The national leader evaluated the Oil Rocks as the national reflection of the engineering thoughts of our republic’s scientists and experts, the scientific and technical culture and highlighted that the foundation of the successful oil strategy of our independent state was laid in the Oil Rocks.

Now, regional and global-scale energy projects are successfully implemented at the initiative and under the leadership of Azerbaijan.

The head of state also noted that throughout the past period, the Oil Rocks has made a long distance and turned into an industrial "city" with modern infrastructure in the sea, and now, it is going through a new development stage.

The President also expressed confidence that the rich oil reserves of the Oil Rocks will serve the strengthening of our country’s economic potential and improvement of the living conditions of our people throughout many years.