Polad Hashimov awarded

Polad Hashimov awarded

22 October, 15:05 Share on social media:

The memory of one of the heroes of the Azerbaijani people, general Polad Hashimov has been commemorated in Turkey's Ankara. The martyr has been awarded the "Eurasian Service Award 2021". 

Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Relations Society Hikmet Eren has noted that this year, great statesmen, public-political figures are among the award recipients. It has been decided to award Azerbaijan's brave son - martyred general Polad Hashimov with the "Eurasian Service Award 2021". 

Afterwards, the documentary dedicated to the martyred general has been screened. 

The "Eurasian Service Award" has been presented to Polad Hashimov's mother Samaya Hashimova.