Another documentary about Khojaly genocide on AzTV

Another documentary about Khojaly genocide on AzTV

27 February, 12:05 Share on social media:

Azerbaijan Television has made another documentary in connection with the anniversary of Khojaly Tragedy.

According to the Social Media and PR Department of “Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting” CJSC, the documentary entitled “The last battle” is about how the family of 3 people was heroically defending their home from the Armenians in Khojaly and fought against the enemy.

The struggle of the family until their last breath symbolizes the fight of the Azerbaijani people against the enemy without anybody’s help.

The documentary shows that first the father, then, the mother become martyrs in the battles. The only child of the family, the litlle boy survives. This boy and generally, all the child survivors of Khojaly make a promise that they will liberate Karabakh from occupation.

The performance of Khudayar Yusifzade, the martyr of the Patriotic War, is also used in the documentary.

The author of the idea is Ziya Agha, the scriptwriter – Ilgar Fahmi, director – Vusal Haji Gadir and director of photography – Anar Dadashov.

Azer Hasanov, Farhad Samimi, Khuraman Nijat, Mukhtar Bakhshali are starring in the documentary.

“The last battle” will be broadcast on AzTV on February 27 at 21:30.