AzTV to investigate historical assasinations

AzTV to investigate historical assasinations

18 February, 12:00 Share on social media:

A new project has been launched on Azerbaijan Television.

According to the Social Media and PR Department of "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting" CJSC, the new project entitled "The Assasination Plan" consists of a series of feature documentaries. The heroes of the feature documentaries will be statesmen, culture and science figures who have gone down in history by their tragic death.

The films will start with the murder scenes of those figures, and a kind of excursion will be made from the end of their lives till their beginning.

The mysterious deaths of some figures will be investigated, and various assumptions will be made.

The characters of the figures, who lived in the Middle Ages, in the 19th and 20th centuries, will be revived.

Furthermore, viewers will obtain detailed information about the statesmen of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, repression victims, intellectuals, scientists, public-political figures who tragically lost their lives.

The scriptwriter is Ilgar Fahmi, director – Ramil Aghasiyev and cameraman – Fahir Samadoghlu.

“The Assasination Plan” will be broadcast on AzTV soon.