First edition of "The People of 100 Years" dedicated to Banin

First edition of "The People of 100 Years" dedicated to Banin

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The first edition of "The People of 100 Years" project was broadcast on February 14. 

The first edition of the program was dedicated to world-renowned Azerbaijani writer Banin. 

The life before and after the emigration of millionaires Shamsi Asadullayev and Musa Naghiyev's granddaughter, daughter of Minister of Trade and Industry of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Mirza Asadullayev, writer Banin aka Ummulbanu Asadullayeva was covered on the program. 

The project crew has met with Banin's literary successor, friend and student, become the guest of the English family that protects her archives. 

Besides, the interview of diplomat Ramiz Abutalibov, who helped Banin establish relations with Azerbaijan during the Soviet time, was also in the program. The places, where Banin spent her time, have been visited by the crew of "The People of 100 Years", and footages have been recorded.  

The Asadullayevs had to move to Paris after losing their millions. Banin worked as a secretary, babysitter and model. She was the first Azerbaijani woman in the world who worked as a model. 

Later, she became famous by publishing her first book in French. Her mysterious marriages, love affairs with great writers Bunin and Ernst Jünger, her struggles with the Armenians were covered in Huseyn Javadzade's author project.