Another meeting of Coordination Headquarters held

Another meeting of Coordination Headquarters held

4 February, 11:35 Share on social media:

Another meeting of the Coordination Headquarters established in accordance with the order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated November 24, 2020, for the solution of social, humanitarian, organizational and other immediate issues and coordination of the activity in this field in the territories of Azerbaijan Republic liberated from occupation has been held. 

Opening the meeting, head of the Headquarters, as well as the Presidential Administration, Samir Nuriyev provided the meeting participants with information about the works carried out in accordance with the instructions given by the President of Azerbaijan Republic. 

Samir Nuriyev highlighted the importance of carrying out the works by the relevant institutions in accordance with the tasks of the head of state in a coordinated and consistent manner. 

Currently, 55 institutions and about 150 employees are represented at the Center where working groups in 17 directions operate. Along with employees, experts in concrete fields are also involved in the activity of the Center.