“I have interviewees whose arrival in Azerbaijan causes excitement” – Head of new project on AzTV

“I have interviewees whose arrival in Azerbaijan causes excitement” – Head of new project on AzTV

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As informed earlier, the new project entitled “The People of 100 years” has been launched on Azerbaijan Television.

The interesting and at the same time, enlightening teletravel is awaiting viewers on the program prepared with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The author program of head of the “STEP” Youth Organization Huseyn Javadzade will envisage the great figures of Azerbaijan’s last 100-century history, the Azerbaijanis who have left lifetime traces in our history. Detailed information will be given about them; the footages, which have never been shown, will be broadcast.

In an interview to aztv.az, Huseyn Javadzade has touched upon interesting facts regarding the project.

- Mr.Huseyn, How was the idea of “The People of 100 Years” program born?

 - This is an author project. The idea belongs to me. It was a thought that was always crossing my mind. I knew that there would be difficulties, but it does not bother me. Although I pay attention to every detail, I do not get tired, because I do it with love. I participate in all the processes together with my team, let it be editing or director’s work... I know the life of each hero by heart. Even if they wake me up at night and ask something, I will answer without a second thought. Learning the text given by an editor and going on camera contradicts my character. I love researching the lives of the people who have left traces in history. A while ago, I thought about implementing the project on a blog or on the Internet. Then, I have changed my mind and decided to make it as a television project.

-  Why have you decided to make it on TV and why have you chosen AzTV?

-  One of my professions is connected with television. I have 10 years of experience on television. It is true that I have not worked on TV for a long time in connection with my public activity, but the company I run has had various TV projects. Actually, I know that for some people, being on TV means being seen on screen. However, I should sincerely say that it has never been interesting for me, I have not had the desire for that. Even when I am invited to programs in connection with my job, I am very picky and approach with skepticism. Needless to say that the purpose of “The People of 100 Years” project is not to be seen on air, but to fulfill my mission properly. Therefore, for me, it is more than just a program; I approach it as a social project. We could have implemented “The People of 100 Years” on the Internet or screen at the cinema. Nevertheless, television has become our final choice. Broadcasting it on AzTV is especially pleasant. Azerbaijan Television is the people’s television. Even though we have received offers from several channels, we have chosen AzTV.

- Why “The People of 100 Years”?

- At the initial stage, we are planning to cover the lives of the personalities of the last 100 years starting from the period of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Therefore, we have decided to choose this title.

- So far, this kind of programs have been broadcast on TV channels. How will “The People of 100 Years” be different from others?

- There are certain stereotypes that I have tried to break. We are used to documentaries being in the black and white format and more official. However, our program will not be like that; it will be more colorful, more sincere, more cheerful.

Our primary difference from other projects in this format is that we have not prepared a program by collecting photos and videos from the Internet. I have followed the traces of those people and travelled around the world.

To obtain the archives of Banin, I went to the house of the family living 400 km away from Paris to meet them, visited the apartment where Gurban Said spent the last days of his life, filmed his grave.

I have even become the guest of Farman Salmanov’s wife, who has never given an interview to the Russian media, and his son and listened to their memories. We have interviews with the grandchildren and great grandchildren of D.Amirjanov, A.Topchubashov, F.Khoyski and other great people.

I had an interesting conversation with Robert Hossein who has recently passed away. Unfortunately, he could not see the ready version of the program.

When you look from outside, you can see great labor behind all this. Needless to say that there is no work without labor. For me, there is more love in this work rather than labor. I believe that it will definitely differ.

- We see in the announcements that the Azerbaijanis, who lived abroad, are also present in the project.

-  When you first look at the announcements, you can think that we will talk only about the Azerbaijanis living overseas. Surely, it is not like that. Naturally, the people we call “The People of 100 Years” have also lived and live in Azerbaijan. There are also people like Flora Karimova, Tahir Salahov who play a significant role in Azerbaijan’s scientific and cultural fields. All these people are history. I think that it will be interesting to take a look at the life paths of these people and hear their life stories from them.

Several of our editions have already been filmed. I believe that this project will be longterm, and we will cover all our heroes.

-  You have noted that you use various archives on your program. Are you planning to apply to relevant institutions in order to bring such archives to the country?

-   Now, along with the program, I also think about collecting archives, bringing them to the country, linking the successors of the historical figures to Azerbaijan. This is a very important misson, and I am planning to do something by applying to relevant institutions. However, I cannot do that due to the pandemic. I hope that it will end, the world will be free again, and I will bring those people and archives to Azerbaijan.

After the shootings of our program, great grandson of Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev Clod came to Azerbaijan. I personally met him. I remember that the arrival of Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev’s great grandson in Azerbaijan was widely covered in media. Actually, I have tens of interviewees whose arrival in Azerbaijan may cause great excitement, as well as bringing the archives of our heros to our country. I believe that we will soon talk about this as well.


Ramin Gurban