Preparatory works completed at Alley of Martyrs - PHOTOS

Preparatory works completed at Alley of Martyrs -PHOTOS

19 January, 16:20 Share on social media:

The preparatory works have been completed at the Alley of Martyrs in connection with the 31st anniversary of the January 20 Tragedy.

Special compositions have been prepared from carnations which have become the symbol of the tragedy. Experienced experts, designers have been involved in the works.

The Alley of Martyrs is ready for visitors. 

To ensure the free and comfortable movement of citizens on January 19-20, security measures have been taken. The visit is organized in accordance with the quarantine regime rules.

Azerbaijan's Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced that this year, the visit to the Alley of Martyrs on January 20 - National Mourning Day will be organized in a different way. It has been noted that those, who want to visit the Alley of Martyrs, should wear a mask and practice social distancing. Therefore, citizens will enter the Alley in 5-people groups and leave it upon the completion of the visit. It is forbidden to gather inside and outside the Alley. To ensure the safe movement of visitors, the traffic movement in the streets and avenues in the direction of the Alley of Martyrs will be restricted.


Photos: Rustam Ismayilov