New documentary on 20 January Tragedy to be broadcast on AzTV

New documentary on 20 January Tragedy to be broadcast on AzTV

19 January, 11:00 Share on social media:

Azerbaijan Television has made a new documentary in connection with the anniversary of the 20 January Tragedy.                                                                                                                             

According to the Social Media and PR Department of “Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting” CJSC, the film entitled “At the last moment” tells about what witness Nazim Alakbarov saw and experienced that night during the 20 January events.

In the documentary, the role of Nazim Alakbarov has been played by his son Mammadali Alakbarov. Nazim Alakbarov’s interview is also included in the film.

It is noteworthy that N.Alakbarov is the owner of the “Zaporozhets” automobile that was in the footages shot after the 20 January events. That night, an infantry fighting vehicle passed over the car with the plate number of 37-22 AQ. However, N.Alakbarov could get out of it safe and sound at the last moment. For this very reason, the documentary is entitled “At the last moment”.

The main character of the film has preserved the automobile until now. Viewers will be able to see that car – the witness of the 20 January Tragedy in the documentary.

The film also reflects the moment when servicemen entered Baku on their military equipment. Archival footages will also take place in the documentary.

The scriptwriter of the documentary is Afag Ahmadova, director – Elnur Mammadov and cameraman – Javid Aliyev.

“At the last moment” will be broadcast on AzTV on January 20 at 21:00.