Chairperson of “Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting” CJSC Rovshan Mammadov has held a press conference in a video format

Chairperson of “Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting” CJSC Rovshan Mammadov has held a press conference in a video format

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Chairperson of “Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting” CJSC, doctor of philological sciences Rovshan Mammadov has held a press conference in a video format.

Rovshan Mammadov has presented the report on the activity of AzTV in 2019-2020. During the press conference broadcast live in social networks, he has given information about the works carried out and changes made on the channel thoughout the last two years.

He has noted that AzTV has been rebranded, graphic indicators have been renewed: “The material-technical base of the channel has been strengthened; especially significant steps have been taken for transitioning to the HD stream; a new air room, network system have been created. More than 10 new and modern studios have been built.”

According to him, over the past two years, over 50 new programs have been launched on AzTV. Some of the programs were launched during the pandemic and the others during the 44-day war.

“The topics of the programs are chosen in accordance with the agenda. Sometimes, topics are changed even at the last minute; they are replaced with more relevant topics,” the chairman has underlined.

It has been highlighted in the report that special attention has been paid to movies in the last two years: “In 2019, 50 documentaries and 4 TV feature films were shot. In 2020, 51 documentaries and 10 feature TV films were made. During this period, about 50 social video clips have been prepared.

Rovshan Mammadov has spoken about the activity of the TV channel during the pandemic. He has drawn attention to the fact that AzTV employees have prepared exclusive reportages from hospitals where COVID-19 patients were undergoing tretament: “Several new programs were launched so that people would not get bored at home and be enlightened during the pandemic. Some of them were daily, other were weekly, and viewers showed great interest in them.”

The CJSC’s chairperson has noted that the TV channel gave a prompt reaction to the events during the Patriotic War and that its employees were immediately sent to the war zone: “Since the first day of the Patriotic War, the TV channel’s regional correpondents delivered the latest information from the frontline via live streams. Even some Baku-based employees of the TV channel were sent to the hot zones. The latest information was delivered to viewers at the start of every hour on news programs and various other programs.”

He has recalled that AzTV has become the most watched TV channel during the 44-day war according to the opinion poll.

The head of the Television has also mentioned that the channel is also active on social media, and over the past year, it has made great progress in this field: “Our YouTube channel has gained over 100, 000 subscribers in one year. We have received 21 million views. Facebook and Instagram are good platforms in terms of  presenting our materials to social media users and learning their opinions. We also use them in this direction.”