Two more heroes of Patriotic War, two more martyrs - REPORTAGE

Two more heroes of Patriotic War, two more martyrs -REPORTAGE

30 November, 13:40 Share on social media:

Two more heroes of the 44-day Patriotic War: Gulverdi Gasimov and Natig Ahmadov. 

They have shown what love for Motherland is and how to defend it. 

"Azerbaijan cannot put up with the fact of occupation," Gulverdi wrote these words in his diary before the war began. The young warrior lived with the dream to liberate our occupied lands. On October 26, he sacrificed his life for the sake of his Motherland in the battles for Gubadli. 

Natig Ahmadov went to the army as a volunteer. Like his other brothers-in-arms, he also believed that our lands would be liberated from occupation. It has happened so. On October 11, he became a martyr in the battles for Hadrut. 

Martyrs, we are returning to our lands thanks to you: with dignity. Now, our tricolor flag is being waved in the lands liberated from occupation. Therefore, we are grateful to you.


Niftulla Mammadli