"France-24" prepares reportage from Fuzuli

"France-24" prepares reportage from Fuzuli

27 November, 16:50 Share on social media:

"France-24" TV channel has prepared a reportage from Azerbaijan's Fuzuli region liberated from the Armenian occupation. 

The TV channel's special correspondent says that the surrounding is empty, gloomy and full of war ruins. He notes that there are mines around, abandoned barrack, Armenian tanks throughout the road. There are battle traces everywhere, military equipment is visible. Some of them are new, others are left from the previous battles.

It is highlighted that about 200, 000 Azerbaijanis had lived in Fuzuli region before the Armenian armed forces occupied it. 

In the reportage, the residents, who were going to their native land after Fuzuli's liberation, also expressed their opinions.  

Fuzuli resident Hafiz Tahirov said that he had come to the region and witnessed ruins, the Armenians have mined every corner. 

Another resident of the region Ramila Mammadova says: "This was my father's house. Now, nothing is left. We can never forget this atrocity of Armenian vandals. There is no need to say anything to the young generation. They see everything themselves. We cannot forget it." 

It is noted in the reportage that as a result of the war in 1988-1994, the center of Fuzuli region has turned into a ghost town. Therefore, now, time is needed for the restoration of Fuzuli.

It is also underlined that Azerbaijan's victory in the war has given an opportunity to liberate these lands, but when people come here, they face debris.