Aghdam residents in their ruined lands

Aghdam residents in their ruined lands

26 November, 17:15 Share on social media:

"Aghdam" means "Small tower", "Bright building". It has been 6 days since Aghdam was handed over to us. However, there is neither tower nor bright building left here.

Aghdam residents have gone there to see their paternal land. They have overcome the several-hour road in one breath to put an end to the 27-year longing. They want to share what they have seen with their relatives, friends, acquaintances - everybody. Why not? Not only Aghdam natives, but also all the Azerbaijanis want to see this place. However, now, delapidated buildings, the city turned into ruins, in one word, war-torn Aghdam is waiting for us.

Aghdam resident Arif Hajiyev says that it is like a 12-magnitude earthquake has occurred in Aghdam, nothing is left safe and sound.

Despite this, if Azerbaijan has managed to take the revenge of 30 years within 44 days, it means that the day when Aghdam will turn into a bright building is not so far away. 

What we have seen and filmed is what is left after the enemy. Even an unconscious animal builds its nest, cleans and makes it liveable. Our enemy has ruined and destroyed everything. Like this mosque. However, God is righteous. Both this mosque and Ahdam are ours. 


Leyla Abbasova