They left Kalbajar by this car, now, they will return there by it - REPORTAGE

They left Kalbajar by this car, now, they will return there by it -REPORTAGE

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Maharram Rzayev residing in Shaki is one of the IDPS from Kalbajar. He is going to return to Kalbajar by the car he left the region.

"In 1993, 14 people left Kalbajar by this car. Five of them were children. We came with difficulties. There were 60, 000 people in Kalbajar; 40, 000 people left on foot - through Murov. However, we came by car," M.Rzayev said. 

According to him, later, many people wanted to buy this car, but he did not sell it. He has preserved it as a keepsake from Kalbajar. He has kept the vehicle, because it saved him during the difficult times: "I did not bring anything from Kalbajar. My new clothes remained in the shelf, I left the region with my daily clothes. We have had this car since 1970. I have seen this car since I opened my eyes. Therefore, I have not sold it. It is very dear and precious to me."

This automobile is older than its owner - it was manufactured in 1953. Nevertheless, it has been preserved the way as if it has just been produced. Our interviewee says that he has maintained the car as a member of his family. It will return together with his family members.

In 1991-1992, ammunitions were transported via this vehicle for the defense of Kalbajar.

All the IDPs residing in Shaki region's Chalabi Khan settlement are full of joy. Everybody is preparing to go back to their paternal land. Lachin residents as well. On December 1, Lachin region will also be handed over to Azerbaijan.


Nigar Davudova