Armenians attempt to steal archaelogical findings from Azikh Cave

Armenians attempt to steal archaelogical findings from Azikh Cave

24 November, 15:00 Share on social media:

"Archaelogical findings belonging to the Azikh Cave have been brought to Baku," said Deputy Director of the Archaelogical and Ethnographic Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, doctor of historical sciences, professor Najaf Museyibli. 

According to him, during almost 30 years, Armenia has conducted illegal archaelogical researches in the historical monuments in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan violating international conventions, and they have involved European scientists in this issue.

A criminal case has been launched in the Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan Republic in connection with this, and relevant measures are being taken. 

Taking into consideration the high importance of the Cave, employee of the Institute, doctor of philosophical sciences Azad Zeynalov together with a representative of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan Republic has been sent to that region. During the onsight inspection, it was determined that during the occupation period, scientists from Armenia and other countries had discovered findings as a result of the archaelogical excavations. Most of them were the ancient fauna remnants. These findings were brought to Baku yesterday evening and placed at the Archaelogical Foundation of the Institute. 

According to N.Museyibli, all these findings will be investigated and analyzed at the Archaelogical and Ethnographic Institute, and detailed information will be given to the Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan Republic and the public.