Supreme Commander-in-Chief: "It is still too early to reveal all war secrets"

Supreme Commander-in-Chief: "It is still too early to reveal all war secrets"

24 November, 13:00 Share on social media:

"Aghdam residents have been waiting for this day during many years - about 30 years. At the same time, they were waiting during the second Karabakh war. I know and feel that as our cities, regions, villages were being freed from occupation, Aghdam residents also thought when their villages, Aghdam city would be liberated," Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated during his visit to Aghdam city. 

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief said: "Jabrayil has been liberated, Fuzuli has been liberated, Hadrut has been liberated, Zangilan, Gubadli, Sugovushan, Shusha have been liberated and probably, Aghdam residents thought why Aghdam was not liberated. Now, I can say this. However, I wanted to deliver it to Aghdam residents somehow, but they also understand that I could not do so during the war. There are five defense lines here. The enemy was waiting for us here. We could not attack from the area where the enemy was waiting for us. We kept a quite big unit here, so that the enemy's military forces would stay here, they would not go anywhere else. After liberating Fuzuli, Hadrut, a big part of Khojavand region and Shusha, we went to Shusha, and the next destination was Aghdam. The foe also knows and already admits that if they did not accept my conditions on the liberation of our lands, they would perish, because we were coming to Aghdam. 

It is still too early to reveal all the secrets of the war. The time will come when very interesting issues will surface. However, today, I can say that the Aghdam operation was being planned. Anyway, we would liberate Aghdam. Nevertheless, there would be losses, in huge numbers."