"Le Temps": "Tens of houses are burning in Kalbajar"

"Le Temps": "Tens of houses are burning in Kalbajar"

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"Tens of houses are burning in Kalbajar," these words are from the article published in France's "Le Temps" newspaper. 

The Armenians leaving Kalbajar said in an interview to the author of the article that they had been brought here with different promises. An Armenian named Marut said pointing at the burning house that his neighbor Alex used to live in Italy and settled here with the help of the Armenian government. Another Armenian named Hajik said that he used to live in Australia.

The journalist of "Le Temps" described the situation in Kalbajar and noted that the Armenians destroyed everything, set fire to houses and cut off trees. 

It is highlighted in the article that in accordance with the agreement reached, Kalbajar is handed over to Azerbaijan. Baku has given Armenia time until November 25 to leave the region.